Good day everyone, and a very happy new year to you all.

I was contacted by a lady just before Christmas who had seen my profile on a bondage website. She showed a genuine interest in a possible relationship and we arranged to meet early in the new year. I suggested that she visit the "Permanent Bondage" website to see if we were compatible, and everything had a very positive feel about it.

Now you must remember that we are not talking about someone in their 20/30's, but a more mature lady whom I honestly believed was 100% genuine. After mailing each other for a week or so, the lady in question suggested visiting me at my home and staying for a week.

It is now two days away from the agreed date and not a whisper.

I was hoping for some communication, so that I could organise food, clean towels, bedding etc. Pretty much everything to make her stay as comfortable as possible.

Why do people do it?

All I asked for was a little honesty and she knew my opinion on time wasters. I'm not angry, (If I was angry, I could have posted her picture here, but I'm not that type of person, and I would never dishonor someone in that way) I am just very disappointed, as she so keen.

Oh well, the search goes on I guess.

So until the next time...Take care and be lucky
Something very unexpected has happened. A gentleman in Wales has asked me to keep his wife in strict rubber bondage one week-end in four. She would travel from south Wales to my home in Surrey and then be subjected to any form of restriction that I decide upon.

This idea is very appealing, and her safety is guaranteed, but I need to ensure that this situation is totally ethical and the lady in question is happy to  be kept by me for any length of time.

I know a great deal about bondage and pleasure that it brings, but I have little knowledge of "Shibari" That has been rectified, as I have been studying the technique all week, and now look forward to testing my new found skill.

I hope to post something favourable about the lady from Wales.

Until next time...Have a very merry Christmas.

The site has been at number one on the first page of Google for two weeks now, which gives me a good feeling. No interest as yet, but I realise that these things take time, and luckily I am a very patient man.

I have my profile on numerous sites, but as I have mentioned on the "Permanent Bondage" website, most of these sites are a waste of time, and only after your hard earned cash.

Thought of the day...Why is it that women who really should keep their clothes on, insist on showing everything that they have on offer?

Until the next time...
The nicest surprise this morning. Switched on the trusty laptop and googled "Permanent Bondage" and there I was at number six on page one. It was totally unexpected, as I only published the site last week, and it usually takes months for a new website to show up on the internet. Will the lady that I'm looking for see the site and respond...who knows, but I live in hope. Watch this space.